There are two ways to join a Webinar (online lecture) on Zoom:

With an invite link , which looks like this:

Or with a meeting ID , which looks like this: 99077351610

Notice that the meeting ID is the same as the number at the end of the link – 99077351610 – this number is the Webinar’s unique

location online… Think of it as the number on a door – ‘ lecture hall 5’.

Joining via invite link:

This is how most of us will be joining lectures or meetings. Whoever is organising the event

will distribute this link to everybody attending, usually within the 48 hours of it starting.

The link could be embedded (which just means available/there) via email, on a website, in a

Mailchimp, or even in a document, and will look like this – . If it’s blue and underlined, this is because

it is a hyperlink . With a hyperlink, all you have to do is click on it to go to the right place.

If that doesn’t work for you, highlight and copy the link and paste it into the URL (address)

bar at the top of the screen.

Once the link has been clicked a new window will open with instructions.

Notice that there are three options:

1. ‘If you have Zoom client installed, launch meeting’

This means that if you have already downloaded the Zoom app, just click here to go to the

Webinar. (Sometimes, if you already have it installed, there will be another pop-up that says

‘open Zoom meetings?’ Just click ‘open zoom meetings’ to go to the right place).

2. ‘Otherwise, download and run Zoom’

This means you can click here to quickly download the app, and then launch the webinar.

3. ‘If you cannot download or run the application, join from your browser’

This is only available if you are joining from a desktop or laptop and means that you’re able

to attend the Webinar via your internet browser (internet explorer, Google Chrome, Safari for

example), and without downloading the Zoom app. Your experience will be limited and less

stable, and you may not be able to engage with the Q&A or the chat functions.

The Zoom App:

It’s worth saying here that since March, when there were some rumours circulated about the

security of the Zoom app, Zoom has become a massive internationally used piece of

software, used thousands of times daily by organisations and corporations of every size. As

a result, it has had to modernise its security fast, and is now one of the safest apps there is.

It costs nothing to download, and the file size is small. These things considered, it is highly

recommended you download the app for the best experience. You can also uninstall it from

your device if you change your mind at any time.

Download the latest version of the Zoom App here –

Joining via Meeting ID:

Simply go to and enter the meeting ID!



Do you need an account to use Zoom?

A Zoom account is not required if you are simply joining Zoom Meetings or Webinars as a

participant. If someone invites you to their meeting, you can join as a participant without

creating an account. However, if the host has restricted joining meetings using

authentication profiles, then the participant will need a Zoom account to access the meeting.

Learn more about joining a Zoom meeting, but our advice to Societies is not to do this.

A Zoom account is only required if you need to create your own meetings and send

invitations to participants. Having a Zoom account allows you to create your own Instant

Meetings or Schedule Meetings. An account also allows you to access your personal

settings, where you can update your profile or upgrade your plan at any time.

Can I watch from my internet browser without downloading the application?

You can, but only on a laptop or desktop and with a reduced experience. If you are watching

from a tablet or phone this option will not be available.

Visit the Zoom website by clicking here for more FAQs.